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Bullish By Definition

1. Confident or optimistic about something. 

2. Stock Market characterized by rising share prices. 

3. Resembling a Bull or having a muscular physique. 


Creating the most refined American made jeans with fit and function in mind.

The Why Story

There is nothing better than a pair of perfect fitting jeans. In today’s fashion world it is near impossible to find. We tried on every brand at every price point. When we finally thought we found what we were looking for, we shelled out a small fortune for what we thought was top quality. We were wrong. The most expensive jeans we ever bought fell apart in less than a year. We were back at square one. Nothing fit right and most jeans felt like they weren't even made for men anymore.

We decided to make the perfect fitting jeans. Then we realized, if we are going to create the perfect fit, why stop there? We broke down every aspect of a five-pocket denim jean to make it better. Every feature has been designed with fit and function in mind. We don’t make jeans like most, there is a reason behind every detail. There were no limits to our design budget, because we knew we’d accept nothing less than the perfect pair of jeans. That is exactly what we’ve created. Take the time to read all about the features and what went into The OG pair of Bullish Jeans we call, "The Mick".