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The Materials

What are Bullish Denim jeans made out of?

The Denim
• Rich dark blue/indigo
• Durable stretch denim
• 11.0oz 98%Cotton 2%Lycra
• Made in America from the Cone Mills White Oak Plant
• The leading supplier of denim since the 1800s

"We searched for over 6 months and went through over 500 samples for the perfect denim until we found the exact material we were looking for. This deep indigo denim has the perfect amount of stretch it also feels thick and soft to feel but is light weight. The sad part is Cone Mills announced they are closing the White Oak Plant so this might be your last chance to ever get jeans with that great American made history. Luckily we have a small reserve of this great material and were proud to turn this denim into the most refined jeans.”

Durable Pocket Material
• Made in America
• Field tested for durability
• Strong pocket material is key due to car keys etc.

Military Grade Plated Hardware
• Coated with black oxidized copper plate
• Durable plating process is used by US Military
• Made in America

Premium Thread
• Main Stitching badious in color
• All bartacks and other features in black stitching
• Premium core spun sewing thread
• Core spun thread delivers a higher strength over staple spun
• Continuous filament polyester core
• Made in America