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Made In U.S.A.

The Timeless

$129.00 USD
Waist Size

Inseam - Standard 34"

Roll - Stack - Hem 

Color - Dark Indigo


Custom Waist Button

  • Engraved with the Bullish Shield
  • Durable double prong backing
  • Backing is reinforced with custom leather washer

Snap Fly

  • Quick Snap on - Snap off design 
  • Unique single-stitch design for a cleaner look
  • All hardware is coated with black oxidized copper plate 
  • Durable plating process is used by US Military

    Unique Rear Pocket Design

    • Designed to avoid sitting directly on your wallet
    • Angled out 10 degrees 
    • Bottom of pocket has off centered V design
    • Allows wallet to angle out 
    • Angle also allows easier access when reaching into pocket 
    • We use bar tacks there is no need for old rivets 
    • We are car guys and rivets scratch cars

    Extra Angled Belt Loop

    • More refined design
    • One extra angled top loop for your belt
    • Excess leather belt strap slides in with ease
    • All belt loops have black bar tack stitching for a clean design

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